(Best New Music) THE GRIND: BICEP – AURA

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IS: Feel My Bicep YouTube

Bicep releasing a full-length project!? And it’s coming out on Ninja Tune!? I’m sold! (audio)



One thing I’ve always loved about house/techno/electronic music production duo, Bicep, is that they’ve never been affair of making music that sounds retro. There’s definitely a classic esthetic to a lot of their single releases, yet it never sounds like cheesy nostalgic pandering (not that there’s anything wrong with that in some cases). On this track, “Aura” they really seem to pushing their sound more toward a moody, affecting, ambient techno sound; a sound that they have seemingly been working on since their excellent Just EP from a few years ago but I think they’ve really perfected here. And just like on Just, I feel like they managed to strike the perfect balance of giving the track just the right about amount of bump for the dance floor, but having enough going on in the track to make it one for the headphones as well. And as I previously stated, all of this seems like it could be some kind of throwback music, like it could’ve been at any time in the last twenty years or so, yet it still feels so fresh and modern that it couldn’t have been made any other time than now. That’s just magic of Bicep’s music, I guess…
Bicep’s album Bicep will be coming out on Ninja Tune in September and is available for pre-order now. I, personally, can’t wait to hear what they have in store.


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