(Best New Music) Miles Bonny – The Way Feat. Shhor (TBG Love Remix)

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.34.06 PM.png

IS: Miles Bonny Soundcloud

Soulful, jazzy bliss from Miles Bonny, Shhor, and Tall Black Guy (audio)


Right away, I knew I was gonna like this. Given Miles Bonny penchant for breathy but soulful vocals and Tall Black Guy’s melodic, atmospheric and jazzy hip-hop, it seemed only natural that these two would work well together (after all, Miles did contribute to TBG’s LP last year). What I didn’t expect was for it to work this well. TBG turns in a rather subdued but still knocking production that provides the perfect vehicle for female vocalist Shhor and Miles Bonny to ride. All of this would’ve made for a great track in and of itself but it’s made even better by Miles horn punctuation that perfect compliment the vibe of the track. Honestly, there’s so much promise with this track one can only hope that the trio eventually put a full length release together.

However for the time being you can grab Miles Bonny’s The Way EP over at his Bandcamp now! Make sure to check out the other versions of this track while you’re over there, too.


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