THE GRIND: Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – In The Woods/Caveman

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.42.31 PM.png

IS: Funk Night Records YouTube

Funk Night Records is serving up some eccentric soundtrack soul and funk with their latest release! (audio)


Funk Night Records is quickly becoming my go-to label for new funk music. Given the quality of the releases as of late, it’s pretty easy to see why. Check out this new 7″ from Misha Panfilov Sound Combo for example. Both tracks, “In The Woods” and “Caveman” have a forgotten 70’s soundtrack vibe to them. “In The Woods” seems pretty straight forward until half way through the track when the track seems to have  a horrific acid flashback and completely lose it’s mind before coming back to reality near the end. “Caveman” on the other hand, just feels like some super loose, slinky, soundtrack funk. It should also be said that both tracks have some top-notch musicianship as well as being cinematic in sound and feel. This is some solid eccentric funk.

Misha Panfilov Sound Combo’s Caveman 7 inch is out now Funk Night Records. Go here and grab a copy for yourself.



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