THE GRIND: Son of Sound – Nude Jerzee

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 8.29.58 PM.png

IS: Razor-N-Tape Soundcloud

Son of Sound’s Nude Jerzee is rusty and rude for all the right reasons (audio)


Coming off of yesterday’s excellent vibes, I decided to see what Razor-N-Tape had to offer in the house music department. And just like yesterday, I’ve found some more heat for y’all. The first third starts off pretty assuming; giving you the pretty standard synth/sample/kick/snare combo that’s pretty standard for what you’d expect for this kind of track. Where this song really shines is in the middle, where the song really goes into high-gear, completely changing the vibe of the track and really turning up the intensity before subtly calming things down towards the end. All of these moments broken up by clever little fills and break down that give just a bit more character to a track that already has it in spades. Highly recommended!

You can grab your copy of Son of Sound’s EP The Dusty Files now over at Juno Records here!


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