THE GRIND: The Zone Identity – Funk-I-Tus/Let The Music Take Your Mind

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IS: J-Zone Soundcloud

A double dose of funk courtesy of J-Zone and co. (audio)


If J-Zone is truly sick of rap and only wants to release funk records for the rest of his career, I won’t complain. Given the quality of these two funk throwback covers (both of which I’m unfamiliar with but at least have enough knowledge to recognize that one is a Kool & The Gang cover), I’d be surprised if the man ever goes back to making rap records. For one, J-Zone is becoming a beast on the drums, and both tracks feature drum breaks that will make the average funk digger’s pants wet, as well as keeping the drums up front and center. Add to the fact that there’s some extremely solid playing between Zone and the rest of the band and you have what might be some of the best, most authentic funk revival shit I’ve heard in awhile. Not sure if there’s a chance that this will turn into a full album project (though a new Du-Rites 7″ and LP are in the works), but here’s hoping that J-Zone and co. continues to keep the funk alive!

You can pick up The Zone Identity 7″ on Fraternity Music Group over at J-Zone’s bandcamp right now (four and counting left).


One thought on “THE GRIND: The Zone Identity – Funk-I-Tus/Let The Music Take Your Mind

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