(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Flying Lotus – Night Grows Pale

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.51.38 PM.png

IS: Flying Lotus Soundcloud

Flying Lotus goes back to making beats and shows that he is still in a masterclass of his own. (audio)


It seems like it’s been ages since Flying Lotus made just straight beats. Not saying that I don’t like projects like Cosmogramma (still my personal favorite album of his) and You’re Dead, but I’ve been dying for some straight-up neck-destroyers from then man. Well it seems as though my thoughts and prayers have been answered with the recent upload of this track “Night Grows Pale”, which deftly uses the ultimate in hip-hop sampling source material, Queen. Even if it is sort of feels like him reaching back to his late 2000’s/ early 2010’s sound, it’s great to hear the man knows his way around the kicks and snares, as well as utilizing a sample perfectly to give the song a bit of catchiness. It doesn’t stray too far from FlyLo’s signature sound as of late, as there’s still no shortage of moodiness and ambience, just with more emphasis on the beat. Hopefully we’ll hear more from the man this year, especially more tracks in this style.

Make sure to head over to his Soundcloud too, as he just dumped a whole ton of songs that are too numerous for me to get to here.


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