(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Dexter – Heyhey

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.42.07 PM

IS: Money $ex Records Soundcloud

First full track for Dexter’s upcoming Money $ex EP. It’s just as weird and glorious as I thought it’d be! (audio)


I believe two weeks ago, I posted a preview of Dexter’s upcoming EP for Max Graef’s Money $ex Records label, and boy oh boy, did it sound promising. Well, it looks like that promise is being fulfilled with the first full stream of one of the tracks off that EP, and it’s as glorious as I expected. Dexter over the years after his drug-themed LP, The Trip, has seemingly moved away from samples and toward a more synth-heavy sound, not unlike last year’s Suff Daddy album, Birdsongs. Where the two differ however is while Suff’s album last year was largely a pretty mellow, straight ahead affair, this track, “Heyhey” is a bit more all over the place. The drums seem like they’re always on the verge of going out of control, particularly the hi-hats, the synths have a certain uneasy, wooziness to them for a rather unpredictable sound. Add some tasteful, ambient background piano and a mood that’s equal parts menacing and relaxing and you have a rather unique head-nodder of a track. Then again, I expected nothing less from Money $ex Records.

Keep an eye out for what’s sure to be a great EP when it comes out at the end of this month.


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