Raw Select Music Recent Vinyl Pick-Ups VLOG #1

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Humble beginnings (video)


Sorry for my week-long absence. I was on vacation over the past week, away from my computer, largely scheming and plotting for setting this up.

So I’ve been wanting to move some of my content to YouTube for awhile; mostly vlogs, reviews and editorials (I’ll still be doing the track stuff in written form, largely because I won’t always have a chance to do video). Thankfully I finally had a moment over vacation to shoot something and the result is a 26-plus ramble of all the records I’ve bought over the last month.

A couple of things right off the bat:

  1. I am aware of the shit video/audio quality. I’ll be keeping like this until I get some cash to invest in a better mic/camera. Bear with me.
  2. Due to time constraints, I decided to keep this video pretty raw. In the future, I’ll get into video editing and some adding spice to make things more interesting.

But overall, I feel like just hitting the ground running and putting out this raw video is the start to taking this blog to the next level. Hopefully you find something of value from this, as slowly I’m gonna start pushing my content in this direction. To sweeten the deal a little bit, here are the links to all the records I talk about in the video.

Count Buggalo & His Rock Band – Soul Limbo: https://youtu.be/Wd3EfAjP15c

Lovebirds – Icarus (Tall Black Guy 80’s Babies Remix): https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/premiere-lovebirds-icarus-tall-black-guy-ft-80s-babies-remix

Children of Zeus – I Can’t Wait: https://youtu.be/38bCYU8spas

El Michels Affair – Tearz: https://youtu.be/dvPYQHLZdUk

The Gospel Communicators – Tight Situation (Part 2) (Inst.): https://youtu.be/kXQWEMhOJS4

Ebony Rhythm Band – Soul Heart Transplant: https://youtu.be/CgbLVJLBIjk

Herbie Hancock – Bring Down The Birds: https://youtu.be

Cold Diamond & Mink – This Love, Pt. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wcnt9sdW4A

Jukka Eskola Soul Trio – Introducing the Soul Trio [Timmion] : https://youtu.be/cP0QJGdlSWY

Eddie Long – It Don’t Make Sense But It Sure Sounds Good:  https://youtu.be/NHtOyS1BjlU

Chester Randle’s Soul Sender’s – Soul Brother’s Testify Pt.1&2: https://youtu.be/UVieQoOpGwI

DJ Dez – Untitled Beats 1: https://youtu.be/NKpdlSYxzMU

Julien Dyne – Pins & Digits: https://soundcloud.com/wonderfulnoise/pins-and-digits-lp-teaser

River Tiber – Acid Test: https://youtu.be/6Dj14UqY1kY

Rene Costy – https://youtu.be/CfaHg7lapwY

Seige Monstracity – Believe: https://youtu.be/E0a3zlvkP-g

Fouk – Gruff: https://youtu.be/ybg_AxxKRg0

The Du-Rites (J-Zone & Pablo Martin) – Bug Juice: https://youtu.be/wg6EAHnSPEg

NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) – Scared Money : https://youtu.be/sHWFfF6faeA

Nujabes – Brown Lady: https://youtu.be/Y9QHak8h1AQ


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