THE GRIND: Anderson .Paak – Come Down feat. Snoop (TEEKO & 14KT RE-FREAK)

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.17.39 PM.png

TEEKO and 14KT bring the funk with this Anderson .Paak remix (audio)


It’s pretty hard to improve on perfection, but this comes pretty close. “Come Down” is already one of my favorite tracks from Anderson .Paak’s Malibu album, given its lively energy and creativity. This remix feels more a kin to a G-Funk track with a modern twist; it’s got the high-pitched synths and use of talk but it also has some sloppy, slightly off drums that surprisingly help add to the bounce-factor on the track. And surprisingly, there a lot of twists and turns in the track itself that make it seem pretty straightforward at first, but end up turning the track on its head later on.

I was all ready to give this track glowing praise, until Snoop first steps up and lazily makes his entrance, then I was ready to write the track off. After a quick little bridge however, Snoop comes back with heat that I haven’t hear him spit in awhile, completely redeeming that lousy intro.

Overall, it’s a damn good remix but I expected nothing less from 14KT and Teeko.


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