THE GRIND: Dexter – M$010 (Preview)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.42.07 PM.png

IS: Money $ex Records Soundcloud

Dexter and Money $ex are the match made in heaven that I thought they’d be (audio)


Out of the three members of Betty Ford Boys (Suff Daddy, Brenk Sinatra, and Dexter, respectively), Dexter is probably the quietest on the release front. Suff Daddy seemingly always has a string of releases in the pipeline (still waiting on that live band album, Suff), and Brenk is usually keeping himself busy with either his own releases or making beats for rappers, Austrian or otherwise (he’s even helped produce an album for MC Eiht). So while Dexter doesn’t seem to have the same visibility as the other two, he’s definitely an interesting producer in his own right.

Right off the bat when I saw that Dexter was going to be putting out a record one of my favorite off-the-wall labels, Money $ex, I knew the release was going to be something special. Sure enough, my instinct was right, as Dexter seemingly runs the gamut on this release; covering all kinds of ground from dusty, synth-heavy trap and beats, as well as a few ventures into uptempo break beats and house. All of that is well and good but there’s that added bit of Money $ex eccentricity that keeps all just left-of-center and just adds to the overall enjoyment of the tracks for me.

Still, this is a preview but it’s definitely got me hyped for what could be one of the better left field releases for this year. You can pre-order your copy now over at OYE Records!


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