THE GRIND: DJ Rhettmatic – Stratasphere

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.29.41 PM.png

IS: Street Corner Music Soundcloud

Rhett’s got beats, indeed. (audio)

Though I know the man is the in-house producer for The Visionaries, I’m more familiar with DJ Rhettmatic as one of the finest DJs around in one of the greatest DJ crews ever, The World Famous Beat Junkies. But since I’m not really all that familiar with his Visionaries stuff, I was pretty shocked to hear how good this man’s beats really are. On “Stratosphere”, DJ Rhettmatic goes for a more ambient approach, giving the track a real moody vibe all while the drums and the bass knock upfront and center. It’s a pretty no-frills track (save some excellent scratching at the end), but it definitely gave my neck a work out and left me wanting to hear more.

You can check out DJ Rhettmatic’s Rhett Got Beats when it comes out on Street Corner Music on May 19th. Real fanatics can head over to to and pre-order the cassette version of album now!


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