(Best New Music) THE GRIND: Floating Points – Reflections / Mojave Desert / Silurian Blue

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.59.53 PM.png

IS: Floating Points YouTube

Floating Points continues to impress with this new track from his upcoming album (music video)

At this point, after the absolutely captivating Elaenia, Floating Points can do no wrong. And I say this saying bearing in mind that this track from his upcoming album/short film don’t sound that different from his last two band releases. But good god damn, does this man and his crew of top-tier know how to make some of the most elegant, beautiful music in these modern times, and this track is just more evidence to that.

Similar to “Silhouettes” on Elaenia, this track here seems to be broken into movements: an intro, a build up, a bit of rising and falling action, all leading up to one hell of a climax. It’s pretty standard stuff as far as the song’s progression is concerned, but the devil is in the details here. The musicianship here is top notch for sure, but it has to be said that Sam Shepard’s keyboard and synth work here is really what elevates what could otherwise be just another standard post-rock track to something truly special. If the rest of the album comes even close to level of brilliance on this track, we might have something that’s even better than my favorite album of 2015.

Let’s hope this album lives up to it’s potential when Reflections comes out on June 30.


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