THE GRIND: Homeboy Sandman – Bamboo

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.41.41 PM.png

IS: Stones Throw YouTube

One of the better tracks I’ve heard from the off-kilter Stones Throw rapper (music video)


I never could quite put my finger on it but there’s always been something both likeable and off-putting about Homeboy Sandman’s approach to rhyming and his flow. Some of his tracks have connected with me like “Not Really” (though it could be because of the song’s excellent music video) but others just don’t do anything for me. “Bamboo” doesn’t really stray too far away from Homeboy’s stream-of-consciousness approach to lyricism, the song itself though is just too much fun to not enjoy (also bolstered again by a fantastic video). I’ll be damned if I try to break down every line on this short but lyrically-dense track, but it definitely feels like Sandman is really enjoying himself on this one, all while riding a groovy blackploitation funk loop perfectly. Personally, I’d love to see the man continue to make music in this vein, as it suits him well.

Little side note: if anyone can tell me what that sample is, let me know. I’ve definitely heard it before but it’s not coming to me at the moment.


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