THE GRIND: Shobaleader One – Iambic 5 Poetry

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.25.35 PM.png


Squarepusher goes meta doing a cover of a song that he wrote, and actually does a pretty good job in the process (video)


Seeing as how this one of my all time favorite Squarepusher tracks, I had to post this one.
It’s funny too, since this isn’t even an album track, as it’s only appearance was on Squarepusher’s often overlooked Music Is Rotted One Note companion EP, Budakan Microphone. It’s also made even more amusing by the fact that this isn’t even one of Squarepusher’s crazy, impossible drum n’ bass tracks, rather it’s a very somber jazzy/post-rock track with a heavy amount of reggae-style echo track and a fantastic, catchy melody. This “cover” leans a lot heavier on the post-rock side of things, forgoing a lot of the dubbiness that made the original so great. It does however, put Jenkinson’s wild bass playing more up front and center in the mix, while the drums seem to do a pretty good job of matching the dynamics of the melody. At any rate, this is a Squarepusher song worth knowing and listening to so whatever version you decide to check out, you really can’t lose.

Here’s the original for you to draw your own comparisons.


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