(Best New Music) Lovebirds – Icarus (Tall Black Guy ft. 80’s Babies Remix) + Original Mix

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.06.37 PM.png

IS: Juno Records

Tall Black Guy gives you a slice of neo-soul goodness to complement an already pretty good song (audio)


All credit due to XLR8R magazine for being the first to debut this one.

To be thorough, I made sure to listen to the original take make sure how much Tall Black Guy flipped this one. The Lovebird’s original is closer in vibe to a modern day Azymuth, given it’s heavy reliance on laid back atmospheric synths and funky back beat. Tall Black Guy takes that vibe, speeds up a little, adds some snap to the drums and gives an already pretty soulful song a bit more of a neo-soul edge, completely with a verse from rapping buddy Dee Jackson of 80’s Babies fame. This results in a clever take on a track that is already pretty good, and gives you a very viable and tasteful alternative.

You can pre-order the 2 7″ vinyl set on Razor-N-Tape now at Juno Records. I’ll be definitely keeping an eye out on this release myself.

Here’s the original for your listening pleasure as well!


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