THE GRIND: Kiefer – Most Beautiful Girl (Soulection Live Sessions)

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 3.03.17 PM.png

IS: Soulection YouTube

Kiefer drops by Soulection Radio to show off his skills (video)


Considering that Kickinit Alone is probably one of my most anticipated releases at the moment, I was super stoked to see that Kiefer did a live performance for Soulection Radio. Sure enough the man did not disappoint; his keyboard skills were on point as expected and you could really get a sense for the man’s passion for the instrument (Kiefer said in the accompanying interview that he has been playing piano his entire life). All of this is set to some buttery smooth, 90’s J Dilla-esque backing beat, and you have one soothing track to help you get back into the swing of things as the work week begins again.

Make sure you check out his interview with Joe Kay as well, as it does a pretty good job of giving you some insight into where the man comes from, what he’s working on, and he even drops a hint that there might be even more music on the way this year. Here’s hoping for a 7 inch.


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