(Best New Music) THE GRIND: S. Fidelity – Paper Party

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.14.30 PM.png

IS: Jakarta Records Soundcloud

S. Fidelity turns trap music on it’s head and makes something you’ll want to listen to! (audio)


I like it when a producer can take a genre that I generally have absolutely no time for, in this case trap, and flip it on it’s head and turn it into something I like. Check out S. Fidelity’s newest track “Paper Party” for example. Sure, it has all the trademarks of a typical trap track: a half-time beat, rattling hi-hats, enough bass to destroy windows, and a kick and snare that sounds suspiciously like an 808. Yet, despite the overused frame work, this is one of the freshest tracks I’ve heard in awhile. I love the sunny, mellow vibes, and the way synths dance intricately and playfully around the song. It makes for a song that I’ve already had to listen to 5 or 6 times during the course of writing this up just because I couldn’t get enough it. Throw in some tasteful hip-hop and other assorted samples for good measure and you have the makings for what could be one of the better releases this year.

I’m definitely excited to hear what else this record has in store when it comes out May 5th on Jakarta Records!


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