THE GRIND: Mura Masa & Charli XCX – 1 Night

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Raw Select Music sells out, decides to cover pop music instead (audio)


How’s that for a click-bait title?

Given that I’ve covered both Mura Masa’s excellent Soundtrack To a Death and the uneven but still solid Someday, Somewhere EP, I figured I should do my duty and cover his crossover track with singer and best thing that ever happened to Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX.

Since I decided to use this blog for covering underground music, it seems like more and more the worlds of pop music and the underground have collided. Just look at Justin Bieber’s last album and how he used more underground producers to salvage an a music career that he threw into a janitor’s bucket and proceed to piss in it. Say what you will about his public image, but some of his newer songs were okay in my book compared to bubble gum, pop crap he was making before. This is not a defense of his music in any way, as it really only raised his music to “tolerable” compared to the “insert power drill into ear” music that he used to make. But I digress.

So let me very clear here: I’m not a fan of Charli XCX (although I still stand by the opinion that she was the best thing on “Fancy”, but that’s not saying much), but given that I am a fan of Mura Masa, I thought I’d give it a chance. As I expected, the first thing that it made wish for was an instrumental, but let me try a more objective approach to listening to the song. Charli XCX’s singing isn’t bad, although for how loud and high she is in the mix, she does have an extreme lack of vocal range. I will say that her catchy hook/chorus did the instrumental justice, staying just inside the lines of the song’s emotion and sound. But ultimately this just sounds like a mix tape track where she took a song from Mura Masa and just started singing over it. How does it fair as a Mura Masa track? I’d say it’s more akin to his Soundtrack to a Death work, featuring a lot of the same sort of found sounds and interesting instrumentation that made that album so great, but it doesn’t have the same punch and creativity as that album. Almost like the song was tailored to be for someone and not to stand on it’s own.

Overall, I hope this isn’t the direction that Mura Masa continues to pursue, and rather finds the creative spark again that made Soundtrack and some of the best moments on Someday, Somewhere one of the most interesting, young talents coming up. Fans of XCX will probably dig this more than me but I’ll keep waiting to see if something more interesting comes along.

I await your hate with baited breath…


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