THE GRIND: Jonti – Scrood (feat. Steve Lacy) (Music Video)

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IS: Future Classic Soundcloud

Something different from a long-dormant Stones Throw artist (music video)


Whew, what a weekend. My apologies for not posting yesterday, but I was definitely still reeling from last Saturday. Long story short, this happened:


With that being said, on with the program…

Now that my plate is clear, I felt it was a good chance to sort of back away from “beat music” for a bit and focus on explore a wider breadth of music. Thankfully, Stones Throw’s got my back with this bit of mellow, psych, joy from Jonti, an artist I haven’t heard from for ages now.

“Scrood”, featuring vocals from Steve lacy, has solid, pleasant mix of funky drums, psychedelic and soulful textures, and just a touch of post-rock. All that being said, this song doesn’t take itself very seriously, giving a nice sense float-y, levity as well as nice playful bounce that makes this song a lot of fun to listen to. Basically for me, this song ticks all the boxes for me and I’m definitely interested in hearing more. There’s no word on album yet but you can grab the song if you follow the link here!


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