TOP 5 FAVORITE TALL BLACK GUY EDITS: 1) Tall Black Guy – Funky Drummers In A Space Suit (Slap and Blap Edit)88bpm


From My Collection

Easily my number 1 favorite Tall Black Guy edit! (audio)


When I was filling out this list of favorite Tall Black Guy edits, I knew right off the bat this was gonna be my number 1. While the Darondo edit was the one that made me stand up and pay attention, this was the one that made me fall in love. Everything about this edit just works perfectly for me and it stands out as one of his finest productions ever.

“Funky Drummer” is probably one of the most abused songs in hip-hop, but it most people just opted to use the drum break and that’s it (that being said, it’s a pretty awesome drum break). What really stands out about this track, and I know I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, is how just completely and utterly obliterates the sample and puts it back together in a way that not only had I never heard before, but I didn’t even think it was possible.

The “Funky Drums” have been completely pulled apart to the point where basically only the snare is recognizable and then layers the rest of the song on top of them. What I find even more interesting is what parts of the song he uses in the track, pulling out elements that I think the average producer wouldn’t even begin to consider using but Tall Black Guy makes it all come together perfectly. Just on a sheer creativity level, this song just blows my mind. It does help that all of the song’s elements come together so well that it also feels a little bit more like a song rather than just a series of loops slapped together. My words simply do not do this song the justice it deserves, you have to listen to it for yourself.

All that being said, this concludes my list of my favorite top 5 Tall Black Guy edits. If you see anything that I missed, it’s probably because I’m not as familiar with those tracks (three out of these five posts have been about records I own), but please feel free to post any others I might have missed. Thanks for checking this out and hopefully I’ll have something special for you next week.

Until then…


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