TOP 5 FAVORITE TALL BLACK GUY EDITS: 2) Tall Black Guy+Darondo – I Don’t Want To Leave (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit)


From My Collection

Counting down my top 5 favorite edits from Tall Black Guy all week long! (audio)


With Tall Black Guy coming to Niigata (the place in Japan where I reside) in just under a week, I thought I kick the hype train in full gear by counting down my top 5 favorite Tall Black Guy edits before his show. I chose to focus specifically on his edits because that’s a big part of what he’s known for and what I am most familiar with by the man. So without further ado, let’s get started!

This one right here is near and dear to me. Basically this was the record that had me always keeping one eye out for anything and everything Tall Black Guy since it was the first Tall Black Guy record I ever bought. I think I was looking for a Darondo record online and by chance, I stumbled across this. After I heard a sample online, I knew I had to buy this record period what I didn’t know that it would change my focus on buying records entirely. Pretty much after picking this guy up, not only did I start seeking out more and more Tall Black Guy records, but this sort of hip-hop sub-genre I’ve basically coined as “beat music”. All that being said, how does the track fair itself? I think compositionally, it’s one of the best tracks the man has ever made.

It’s got the rolling drums that I love but more specifically, I love the way he used the Darondo sample on this. It’s pretty much filter out so much that it’s almost unrecognizable, but after listening to it multiple times, I started to realize that the sample is far more prominent than one my think, popping in out of the mix through some very clever and creative filtering. Add on top of it some just fantastic, complementary synth work and it’s one track that after owning it for several years that still gets me just as hyped as the first time I heard it. It probably would be my number one if this record didn’t lead me to…

Check back tomorrow to find out what my favorite Tall Black Guy edit of all time is. I’m actually curious if you can guess what it is or at the very least, comment here or on any of the Top 5 posts and tell me what your favorite Tall Black Guy edit/production is.

Until tomorrow.


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