TOP 5 FAVORITE TALL BLACK GUY EDITS: 3) De La Soul – Stakes Is High (Tall Black Guy Pimp MeEDIT)MIX

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.53.55 PM.png

IS: Tall Black Guy Productions Soundcloud

Counting down my top 5 favorite edits from Tall Black Guy all week long! (audio)


With Tall Black Guy coming to Niigata (the place in Japan where I reside) in just under a week, I thought I kick the hype train in full gear by counting down my top 5 favorite Tall Black Guy edits before his show. I chose to focus specifically on his edits because that’s a big part of what he’s known for and what I am most familiar with by the man. So without further ado, let’s get started!

I’m definitely a bit biased on this one. Simply put: Stakes Is High is not only my favorite song by De La, but my favorite album by the seminal hip-hop group as well. So when I first saw that Tall Black Guy did an edit of “Stakes Is High”, it immediately caught my attention. What I didn’t expect for him to do is completely flip the script and make it into this insane 6/8 edit.

The beat itself stays pretty close to the Jay Dee-produced classic, with a few little touches here and there so you can hear that he added his own little flair to it. The really impressive part is despite time signature change and the chopped up raps, the head nod factor is left intact. Based on sheer creativity alone, this is why this edit in particular is a stand out to me and one of my favorites of his edits.

Make sure to check back everyday this week to see the rest of my list, and maybe a little something special next week.


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