TOP 5 FAVORITE TALL BLACK GUY EDITS: 4) Tall Black Guy – JB Suite Pt. 1 & 2


From my collection

Counting down my top 5 favorite edits from Tall Black Guy all week long! (audio)


With Tall Black Guy coming to Niigata (the place in Japan where I reside) in just under a week, I thought I kick the hype train in full gear by counting down my top 5 favorite Tall Black Guy edits before his show. I chose to focus specifically on his edits because that’s a big part of what he’s known for and what I am most familiar with by the man. So without further ado, let’s get started!

It might be kinda cheating to include two edits in the same post. However since these two tracks are on the same 7 inch single and come from the same sample source, I’ll give you a two-for-one deal today. James Brown’s music is certainly no stranger to being sampled, but if there’s one producer who is capable of flipping it into something new, it’s definitely Tall Black Guy.

Both tunes are quite spacey and use their respective samples in similar ways. Little bits of the original track come through such as some scratchy guitar, thick bass lines, dub-like horn stabs and leads, all over some drums funky enough to make even the funky drummer himself blush (RIP). All that being said, what really makes these two tracks so impressive is how unrecognizable they are from their original source material. Sure, little bits sneak in here and there into the mix (James Brown’s unmistakable voice shows up from time to time), but these two tracks couldn’t be more more different from the songs they came from. It’s TBG’s ability to make tracks like this that puts him in my top tier of hip-hop producers and beat makers.

Make sure to check back everyday this week to see the rest of my list, and maybe a little something special next week.



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