THE GRIND: Jimi Macon – Jimi’s Guitar Raps with the Bass

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.26.07 PM.png

IS: Now-Again Records Soundcloud

Now-Again strikes again with new compilation of funk-leaning, rock n’ roll (audio)


Over the years, Now-Again has branched off from strictly doing funk reissues and diving into tangentially related stuff like psych, afro (including jazz, funk, and rock) etc. Continuing this trend, Now-Again have brought it all back home and set their sights on digging into the world of “The Black and Brown American Rock Sound” with a compilation called Function Underground. As I stated before, even though this is a more rock-centric compilation, at least as far as this sample track is concerned, this is still funky as hell. Over the course of this 3-minute jam, the guitarist (who I can only assume is Jimi Macon) jams over some sloppy-as-all-get-out drums and bass, all while trying to do his best impression of someone who shares the same name. Strangely, the track fades out just as it seems like he’s just getting started but it’s still an effective attention grabber and certainly got me interested on what else is going to be on this compilation.

Function Underground: The Black and Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974 is set to be released on Record Store Day, April 22nd this year. Make sure to head over to Rappcats to get more info one promises to be another quality release.


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