JAPAN’S GOT BEATS: Arµ-2 – Blanked

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.51.50 PM.png

IS: Bandcamp

Debuting a new segment specifically focusing on Japanese-based producers, both big name and underground (audio)


Japan seriously doesn’t get enough shine when it comes to beat makers. And although a lot of them are derivative of a lot Western producers, there are truly are some standout producers that pepper this island. Take my most recent discovery for example, a Japanese producer by the name of Arµ-2 and this track, “Blanked”. I’m not sure why, but I’m really enjoying these producers who are taking a more ambient approach to their tracks and Arµ-2 does it perfectly here. The main sample is a simple loop, with a few other complementary loops to fill out the track that seem so simple, but are used so effectively that it never feels repetitive nor incomplete. Add a simple, broken drum beat and you have an efficient but ultimately pretty compelling track that really makes me curious to hear more.

Luckily you can check out his Bandcamp here, where has the album this comes from and many more. At first glance, the man looks pretty prolific so I guarantee you’re gonna find something that works for you.



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