THE GRIND: Serato DJ x Ableton Link Jam – Stro, Manwell and 14kt

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.31.44 AM.png

IS: SeratoHQ YouTube

Stro Elliot, Manwell, and 14kt show off to some very funky results (video)


Part of the reason I enjoy watching these kinds of “tech demo” videos is trying break down what piece of hardware is doing. Back before everyone had a DJ controller and a copy of Ableton Live, there really wasn’t a standard set of equipment for performing electronic music live. On one end, sets would range from super elaborate; bringing in every piece of hardware and software imaginable and trying to reproduce the sounds of an album live. And then on the other end you’d have a guy and his laptop, looking disinterested for hour and seemingly checking his email on-stage (this was the more common of the two).

The reason I say this is part of what impresses me about this video is how far this kind of technology has come over say, the last 10 years or so. 14kt, Stro Elliot, and Manwell do a remarkable job of taking pre-recorded music and giving it a very improvised, jammed out feel; something that’s not really associated with music of this kind. One interesting point is early on the drums fall out of sync for about split second before kt nudges them back into place, giving this whole routine a very human feel has been lacking since the rise of digital DJing in the late 2000’s.

But enough analysing a commercial for Serato, just watch the damn video and enjoy three masterclass producers strut their stuff.


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