THE GRIND: Tuxedo – 2nd Time Around

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 5.41.09 PM.png

IS: Tuxedo Soundcloud

New Tuxedo. (audio)


Simply put: Tuxedo do retro 80’s boogie funk right. I’d even go as far as saying they do it better than everyone else (suck it Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Chromeo, and anyone else I might’ve missed. ‘Cept for Dam-Funk; you’re cool with me). Not only do they capture the essence of what made groups from labels like Prelude and Solar Records perfectly, they do it without slipping into parody, something that’s pretty easy to do with a genre of this nature.

“2nd Time Around” feels like a glorious tribute to Shalamar and The Whispers, complete with opening vocal chant, mix of female and male vocals, instantly catchiness, with just the right amount of bounce. Despite the criticism about Mayer Hawthorne’s limited vocal range, he sounds perfectly at home on this track. Combine this with Jake One’s spot-on instrumental and you’ve got the makings of another great album.

Tuxedo II is out later this month on Stones Throw. You can go ahead and pre-order the album through their website now!


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