THE GRIND: Tom & Laura Misch – Follow (FloFilz Remix)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 6.04.34 PM.png

IS: FloFilz Soundcloud

FloFilz’s signature laid back, jazzy hip-hop sound has returned, this time with vocals! (audio)


There’s no shortage of competent producers out there who make jazzy hip-hop instrumentals. One thing that helps FloFilz stand out among the rest is that he really goes all in on that sound, bringing out the essence of a classic hard/post-bop track while still keeping the grooviness of hip-hop. But one thing I always thought about, along with a lot of producers with a similar sound was, “I wonder this would sound like with vocals”. Well, FloFilz has an answer and it really does help elevate his mellow sound to the next level.

I will say this reminds me a lot of Melodieinfonie’s track from last year, “Tuk Rueh”. Aside from the singing, the guitar loop largely takes center stage here, gently gliding along while little whispers of sax pop up in the background. All of this held together by cross-stick drums that sound like a simple loop but if you pay close attention, you can hear him varying up the kick drum pattern. It’s little subtle touches like this that take this deceptively simple song and make it just a little more interesting. I’m curious if he makes any more tracks in this vain but for now, anyone looking for some mellow hip-hop to pass the time on a lazy Sunday should definitely check this out.


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