PLAYING FAVORITES: Leon Ware – This Is Why I Came (R.I.P.)

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IS: YouTube

R.I.P. to your favorite singer’s songwriter (audio)


If I had to make a top ten all time favorite songs list, this would definitely be on there. It’s kinda hard to explain but there’s a certain feeling of nostalgia that overcomes every time I hear this song. That combination of vocal harmonies, horns, and piano; everything is so perfectly arranged that it’s really hard to find a fault with this song.

However the reason I bring this up is because I was shocked to find out that Leon Ware, the composer of this song and many others (he’s probably composed on of your favorite soul singer’s songs) has sadly passed. He may not be one of the most celebrated singers/composers in music, but he’s such a pivotal behind the scenes figure in music that his work needs to be celebrated. I recommend checking out his website and check out his writing credits because I found myself surprised with how many different people he had worked with.

R.I.P. to another legend.


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