(Dilla Week) Lucy Pearl – Without You (Jay Dee Remix)


IS: Recent pick-up at a local record store

One of J Dilla’s finest R&B/Soul remixes (audio)


Ever since I heard this remix on J-Rocc’s superb Thank You Jay Dee DJ mixes, this quickly became probably my most sought after J Dilla remix. And as much as I hate to sound like a broken record, it really does come down to the drums on this one for me. There’s something about the way the drums lurch forward, with the absence of a 8 or 16th note hi-hat pattern, the way the kicks are placed of the kicks, and the snappiness of the snare; this remix just embodies everything about the best of Dilla’s music.

But the drums, though they are the standout element of the song, it’s how the rest of the song is built around them that really elevates this remix above the original. The gnashing, staccato guitar and bass combined with the minimal use of background strings really help add a level of both intimacy and urgency to the vocals, which that energy really isn’t present in the original (the original, the not bad in the slightest, is a far smoother affair). Honestly, I can’t help but feeling like the vocals feel more at home on the Jay Dee instrumental verses the original.

But personal preferences aside, you have to admit: this is a pretty god damn good remix.

Here’s the original for your own listening pleasure as well.


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