(Dilla Tributes) Kiefer – For Dilla (92 bpm)

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 2.18.46 PM.png

IS: Kiefer Soundcloud

Kiefer channels his inner Dilla for one of the finest tribute tracks I’ve ever heard (audio)


Finishing this three day stretch of Dilla tributes is what has to be one of the most spot-on Dilla impressions I’ve ever heard and I do mean that in the best possible way. Kiefer not only nails Dilla’s trademark snappy, swinging, unquantized (meaning not perfectly on time) drums, but plays them in a linear fashion, which only enhances the the funkiness of this track. Add in some woozy synths and a jazzy, melodic piano lead to round everything off and you’ve got one of the finest tributes to the legend I’ve ever heard.

Next week, I’ll be kicking off my overdue Dilla Week, where I’ll be talking about some of my favorite Dilla tracks, albums, and possibly some more video content just like last year. Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you guys next week.


5 thoughts on “(Dilla Tributes) Kiefer – For Dilla (92 bpm)

    • Thanks! I found out about it after a Japanese hip-hop label called Jazzy Sport had reposted it on SoundCloud. Glad you dig it.

      Jeez that’s an impossible question, haha. If I were forced at gun point to give an answer probably would go with Fall In Love. Those drums are just absolutely unmistakable.

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