(Dilla Tributes) Will Sessions – HBDJD


IS: Will Sessions Bandcamp

Kicking off my overdue Dilla tribute with two short but excellent covers from Will Sessions (audio)


While I probably won’t do another month long tribute to J Dilla (R.I.P.), I do think it was duty as a music/J Dilla fan to contribute to the celebration of whom many consider the greatest hip-hop producer of all time. But I thought rather than just posting my favorite Dilla tracks like I did last year (I’ll get into that next week), I thought I might do something a bit more interesting by finishing out the rest of the week posting some of my favorite Dilla tributes. And what better way to kick things off with a tribute from one of the best  instrumental funk bands around than Will Sessions.

Now as much as I like to consider myself an encyclopedia of music, I must first admit I don’t recognize these two tracks (anyone who does know, please feel free to educate me in the comments down below) but they are unmistakably in the vain of the late, great producer. First off, they nail the man’s signature swing perfectly in not only the drums but the upright bass as well, especially in second track. From there, the texture of the songs feature the same sort of rugged, lo-fi feel that characterized a lot of the man’s work. If you’re fan of J Dilla, these songs, albeit way to brief, definitely check these tracks out.


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