THE GRIND: 77 Karat Gold – COME BACK 2 ME/Highway Love (preview)

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.58.03 PM.png

IS: Jazzy Sport Soundcloud

Grooveman Spot and Sauce81 are back with two more irresistible slices of modern funk (audio)


Grooveman Spot and Sauce 81, who together form 77 Karat Gold, are two my favorite producers in Japan. Both are pretty versatile in their sound, with Grooveman Spot largely focusing more on the hip-hop side of things and in my experience, Sauce 81 largely making dark, synth-heavy disco tracks. But both are known to break the mold from time to time, and these two tracks do a pretty good job of showing off how wide and diverse can get. The first track on this 7″ is “Comeback 2 Me”, a combination of Dam-Funk-esque boogie funk and Japanese city pop, which is kind of akin to 80’s rare groove, just distinctively Japanese. The second track, “Highway Love”, has the production duo picking up the tempo for a fun, nu-disco-y track that surprisingly sounds pretty consistent with the first track. Ultimately though, this preview is frustratingly short and only whets your appetite for what I’m sure are two fantastic tracks.

Good luck trying to grab it on vinyl but for those non-purists out there, you can get it over at iTunes as well.


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