THE GRIND: Nathan Fake – RVK (feat. Raphaelle)

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.24.49 PM.png

IS: Ninja Tune YouTube

New track from celebrated producer, Nathan Fake (audio)


Nathan Fake falls into that category of artist that who’s name I know but know absolutely nothing about their music. So in trying to keep an open mind (and Soundcloud being kinda boring at the moment) I decided to give this new track “RVK” a spin. Low and behold, I actually dig it. Sitting somewhere between bass music, IDM, trap, and pop of all things is this track. The rattling hi-hats and mutated synth sounds are really what give it’s IDM certification, with the trap/bass music elements sort of tying everything together. But what really makes it interesting is the left turn the song makes somewhere around the middle of the track, bringing some solid female vocals from Raphaelle and adding a bit of emotion to a genre that has a tendency to come off as quite cold. It’s sort of mish-mash of genres and sounds that I’m totally into and has definitely made me curious to hear more from his latest album.

Nathan Fake’s newest album Providence is available for pre-order over at Ninja Tune.


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