THE GRIND: Daedelus – Know What You’d Like?

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.04.46 AM.png

IS: Fatbeats Soundcloud

Daedelus continues his journey into the weird with this bizarre but compelling breakbeat track (audio)


Daedelus falls into that category of artist that I respect more than I actually find myself enjoying his music (Frank Zappa being another example of this idea). Occasionally his quirky, signature style connects with me and other times it just leaves feeling cold. This odd-ball sample fest actually had me grinning, if maybe a little confused. The sampling is all over the place, with elements coming in and out of the mix in weird places, making it kinda hard to find the groove (the less than straightforward drum pattern doesn’t help either) but it’s unpredictable nature is part of what makes this song so charming. It’s experimental without going overboard, but it’s hardly a pop song either. Either way, it’s probably the most interesting track I’ve heard Daedelus in awhile; so much so that it’s got me curious in this Fatbeats release, which you can pre-order over there now!


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