THE GRIND: Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler – Lost Without You

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.19.23 PM.png

IS: Will Sessions Soundcloud

More funk and soul from Detroit’s most in-demand session band, Will Sessions, and Amp Fiddler (audio)


Giving that the last Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler track was far more of straight-ahead soul/funk venture, I was a little surprised to hear that their newest song, “Lost Without You” was treading into more soul/boogie territory. Luckily they pull off the sound with flying colors, as Will Sessions’s superb instrumentation effortlessly gives the song an authentic rare groove vibe in the vein of Leon Ware, while the use of background singers gives the song a Chic feel that would give Nile Rodgers a run for his money. Amp Fiddler doesn’t dominate the track like he did on “Seven Mile”, but his contribution just helps another tasty layer to what’s already a fantastic track. Overall, this and the aforementioned “Seven Mile” are building the hype for what should turn out to be an excellent album.

No word on the album release yet but you can grab the 7 inch single now, over at Fatbeats!


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