THE GRIND: Tuxedo – Fux With The Tux

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 3.04.37 PM.png

IS: Tuxedo Soundcloud

The masters of 80’s boogie revival are back with a slick 3 track EP that’s sure to leave you wanting more! (audio)


Part of the reason I loved Tuxedo’s first album so much was that it felt like it had real reverence for the genre that Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One were imitating (which is kinda of the reason I haven’t into groups like Chromeo). So when I saw that Tuxedo put out this 3-song EP, I knew right off the bat I was gonna dig it. And sure enough, they didn’t disappoint. Their 80’s boogie core sound hasn’t changed at all; in fact I would say they have more or less doubled down on it, strengthening the sound that they had made for themselves on the previous album! The first track, “Fux With The Tux” feels like “Do It”, being the uptempo number of the three. Whereas “Special” brings the tempo down to a G-Funk level, and comes complete (and correct) with that synth sound that’s so synonymous with the sound. But the real stand out on here is the “quiet storm-er” closer, “July”, which has just the right balance of cheese, groove, and authenticity that makes listening to this kind of music so enjoyable. Let’s hope that this criminally short EP is a sign that a full-length is on it’s way this year but in the mean time you can download it from your platform of choice here.


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