THE GRIND: Plaid – Bet/Nat

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.11.28 AM.png

IS: Plaid Soundcloud

Plaid shares two new tracks for their upcoming US tour! (audio)


For those unfamiliar with Plaid they are one of Warp Records longest running IDM groups who often unjustly get called an “Autechre-clone”, as both have a pretty unique sound. Autechre continues to make what sounds like a spinning hard drive inside a tumble dryer (and I’m okay with that), while Plaid has always been more preoccupied with melody over rhythm and sound design (which I am also okay with).

Anyways, the first track “Bet” sounding like a slowed-down juke track (as if there was such a thing) with heavier emphasis on the melody. And “Nat” feels like a classic Plaid track, what with it’s haunting synth-led melody. Neither track comes anywhere close to the groups classic material (definitely go back and check out Not For Threes if you want to hear them at their most outstanding), but new Plaid is better than no Plaid, I guess.

These two tracks were posted for Plaid’s upcoming 2017 US tour. Check em out if you can!


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