THE GRIND: Torben Unit – Es Hat Doch Jemand Gehort

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 10.29.59 AM.png

IS: Money $ex Records Soundcloud

Max Graef and Co. are really letting their freak flags fly on this one (audio)


Last year, one of the first albums I was really looking forward to was Max Graef’s band album, Dog. While not very striking upon the first few listens, it did eventually grow on me and made an honorable mention in my best albums of 2016 list (which you can check out here). The main problem I felt with that album (which is actually one of it’s strongest points at the same time) is that it felt like a bunch of friends getting into studio, pressing record, then just putting out the recordings as is. As it stands, it’s an album with untapped potential, which I guess the band is trying to rectify with their re-branded group, Torben Unit.

This new group (whose song name I’m not even going to try and type here), feels a lot more directed this time. It’s still a pretty loose jam, and the movements of this nearly 14 minute track feel more like they are 4 separate tracks spliced together, but there’s a certain adventurousness to this that immediately makes this more interesting than it’s predecessor. And I do mean adventurous, as expect to be hit with all kinds of psychedelic sounds with twinges of 70’s soundtrack vibes and jazz fusion freak out moments. It’s the kind of audio orgy that’s difficult to wrap your head around at first, that only gets better after every listen. Hopefully the rest of the album is on this level because I’m definitely digging this.

Torben Unit is out now on Money $ex Records. Might have to grab a copy myself.


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