THE GRIND: Ponty Mython – House For Sale

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 10.45.14 AM.png

IS: When We Dip Soundcloud

Disco and house done right by Ponty Mython (audio)


Finding that right balance when sampling disco for a house track is a seriously difficult task. Go too far to the disco side and you mind yourself with a slice of cheese so bad that no one will ever take it seriously. On the other hand, if you lean to hard to the house side all your left with is a house track that makes you wonder why they even sampled in the first place. Good thing Ponty Mython seem to have their wits and sense about them because “House For Sale” seems to ride the line perfectly. It does seem to meander a bit too much, feeling like it’s not too sure where it’s going and it just sort of ends, but overall it does have enough good vibes to make it enjoyable to listen to. The strongest part of the track itself seems to be the intro: the use of funky hand percussion, the uneasy kick drums, and the synths all do a great job of building up the track until it kicks in. From there it’s a pretty standard deep disco house affair, but it’s definitely far from bad.

Ponty Mython’s House For Sale E.P. is available for pre-order over at Juno Records now!

Shout outs to When We Dip for the heads up on this one!


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