THE GRIND: Oh No – Keep It Movin’


IS: Oh No Soundcloud

Oh No absolutely murders a funk and soul classic (audio)


A little while back, I posted a different track from this upcoming compilation and apparent revival of the long dormant Ultimate Breaks & Beats label (for those unfamiliar, UB&B were compilations comprised of drum breaks and popular sampled songs released back in the early days of hip-hop), and now we get this. Oh No (real name, no joke, Michael Jackson) really shows off his masterful sampling skills on this track, cutting up Wilson Pickett’s funk and soul classic, “Engine No. 9” to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable (like any good producer should). Add to the fact that this track is just as much of a neck-breaker as the last and this could be the first release of the year that I’m really excited for.

You can order it now over at Stones Throw Records. I’m curious to see what Ultimate Breaks & Beats does next!



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