THE GRIND: The Soul Motivators: Tito’s Revenge/Aftermath

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 8.26.34 AM.png

IS: Funk Night Records

More funk nuggets from the Detroit-based label (audio)


Seems like it’s been ages since I’ve posted a funk track. Thankfully Detroit-based label has given us a double dose of the stuff in the form of the The Soul Motivators’ “Tito’s Revenge” and “Aftermath”. Neither are real ground breakers but I’ll be damned if they’re aren’t funky as hell. “Tito’s Revenge” is a mid-tempo number that feels almost like a Blaxploition and Bollywood track are butting heads together, fighting for supremacy. Be sure to listen until the end as the breakdown gives way to an excellent trombone solo that shouldn’t be missed. The other track, “Aftermath” also has a very early 70’s soundtrack feel, this time giving off more of the impression of a playful car chase. Seemingly, every instrument is given the chance to show off on this uptempo number, sometimes getting out the way, other times directly competing for space on the recording. Add in superb drum break and you’ve got a solid piece of cinematic funk.

The Soul Motivators’ 7 inch record is available now. Make sure you grab that shit while you still can.


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