THE GRIND: Suff Daddy & The Lunch Birds – Join The Club

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.09.27 AM.png

IS: Soundcloud

Suff Daddy is back. And this time, in band form (audio)


I’m always little bit skeptical when a producer says they’re going live band. Usually it’s underdeveloped or just not all that different than what the producer sounds like on their own. So imagine my shock after hearing this first track from Suff Daddy‘s live project: Suff Daddy & The Lunch Birds. It’s distinctively Suff Daddy, complete with hip-hop sample hook that is a staple of his older tracks (something that was completely lacking on Birdsongs) and a metric shit ton of swing, but it really must be said that the stars of the show here are the musicians and really give this project a feel of it’s own. There are several excellent solos from whoever is rocking the piano, giving the song a very lounge jazz feel while the bass, drums, and synths accompany everything up perfectly. Hopefully this evolves into a full project because I would totally be into hearing a record like this .


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