BEST of 2016: Top 5 Albums) #3 Kaytranada – 99.9%


IS: Kaytranada Soundcloud

Kaytranada’s glorious mixed-bag of a debut album (audio)


(Editor’s Note: Sorry, no album stream for this one. But here’s some album highlights for ya!)

Kaytranada had some big shoes to fill with this release. After all there was a ton of hype coming up on the release of this album and a lot of people (I assume) were expecting a classic. I’d say he delivered about 90.1% on that promise. The biggest problem is after a stellar first half of the record, there’s just too many solid but standard house/dance/electronic songs that plague the record from achieving true greatness. None of them are bad, but they don’t show off the inventiveness that the first half of the album has in spades. Tracks like “Bus Ride”, “Drive Me Crazy”, “Glowed Up”, “Weight Off”  (that last one with Badbadnotgood, someone you’ll see on this list later) really show off the man’s talent like no other (with “Bus Ride” being criminally short but still one of my favorite tracks this year). What I will say is consistent about this album is how damn catchy it is. Every song on here has some element, be vocal or melody (this album has some of the best features I’ve heard this year) that you’ll be humming along to and definitely boosts this album’s replayability. So as the name of the album would imply, it shows an artist still trying to find his voice, his sound but I’ll be damned if no other artist in 2016 showed more promise. Well, except for maybe…



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