BEST of 2016: Top 5 Albums) #4 Tall Black Guy – Let’s Take A Trip


IS: Tall Black Guy Soundcloud

Tall Black Guy takes you on one of the best musical journeys of the year (audio)


I’ve pretty much made it no secret over the course of this year that I am a huge Tall Black Guy fan. So I definitely lost my shit when I found out that one of my favorite beat makers/producers was making an album. What I didn’t expect was for it to be so damn good.

Typically, most beat makers tend to put out just beat tapes, i.e. collections of songs that are sitting on their hard drives. Not that I have anything against that (as you you’ll find out later on down this list), but what really struck me off the bat with “Let’s Take A Trip” was that it really felt like an album, or a “trip” if you will. From intro to finale, it really does feel like we are being led on a journey, all the while Tall Black Guy shows off his music making chops. And to me, that what really elevates TBG above the crowd: his ability to make songs. Rather than feeling like a series of repetitive loops, each song on feels crafted with a level of sophistication not really associated with this genre. And to add to the album’s replay-ability, each song has so many layers and instruments that each time you listen you might hear/notice something different. In short this is easily some of Tall Black Guy‘s work yet and a great place to start if you’ve never listened to any of his music before. Here’s hoping for some more releases from the man in 2017.

Tune in tomorrow for my number 3 pick!



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