BEST of 2016: Top 5 Albums) #5 Chanes – S/T


IS: Street Corner Music Soundcloud

Probably my surprise favorite album of the year (audio)


With the amount of beat makers out there these days, it’s a real struggle to stand out. The amount of J Dilla soundalikes out there makes it really hard to get noticed unless you are doing something truly special. Thankfully, Chanes really has elevated his craft above a lot of other producers out there. Out of this 31 track LP, I’d say one or two miss their mark, either for being too busy or just not all that interesting. But those small complaints do nothing to hamper the excitement and feeling of inventiveness on this album. A good majority of the tracks on here take on an ambient sound a la Boards of Canada, and pull it off swimmingly, adding a bit of depth and emotion that is really seen on a beat tape of this type. Simply put: one listen and you’ll understand why every copy of this album comes with this sticker on the album and why it’s my #5 for this year.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 2.09.47 PM.png

From my collection


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