A Big Giant “Thank You” To Everybody

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From My Instagram

A quick thank you message and update for next year!


I apologize. This is gonna get a bit rambly…

At the end of 2015, I read Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure, J-Zone’s autobiography (which is a great, quick read by the way). In it, he discusses why for him the music blog game was so difficult because he tended to write long form posts that took awhile while most of the internet seemed to gravitate towards short blurb plus music link kinda blogs. After reading that I figured, “The hell? I can do that!”. From then on, I focused my energy on trying to keep a consistent schedule (which I think I mostly succeeded in doing), and trying to stay on top of things in the underground music world (which I think I mostly succeeded in doing also).

Well since switching from long to short form posts, my page views skyrocketed this year, finishing up with close to 4,000 views from last years 300. While that’s nothing like the big guys, I’m still pretty happy with those results. So in the end I really want to say to everyone who’s stopped my humble little blog, whether it was from my facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Mixcloud, Soundcloud (#shamelessplugging) or hell, just a random net search, thank you for your patronage! Hopefully, I got you into some music that you might not of heard before and I definitely hope to keep doing it in 2017!

In 2017, I want to keep up my Monday through Friday posting schedule when possible and also bring back some more long form content, whether in the form of more in depth reviews or editorials. Also, I am still in the mulling stage of some video content as well so we’ll see if that works out too.

In short: thanks again to everyone who stopped by this page and here’s to the New Year and what she might bring!


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