THE GRIND: Ouer – Supra

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IS: When We Dip Soundcloud

Beauty in repetition (audio)

Repetitive. The word most commonly uttered when arguing against electronic music (at least it was back when I first started getting into electronic music all the way back in high school), when harnessed properly, can actually add a fair bit of groove to your track. Case in point: Ouer’s absolute banger of a house track, “Supra”. It’s largely led by a repetitive synth smash that runs throughout the duration of the song (although it does it get mixed a bit more as the track progresses). But rather than hurting the song, it really make the song more memorable, and surprisingly more funky (though the layered drums, percussion, and subtle changes help out too). Overall, I can say this one of the better house tracks I’ve heard this year and definitely think you should give it a listen.

Just good luck trying to grab a copy as it seems this record sold out all over the place.

As always, big up to When We Dip for the heads up on this one!


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