THE GRIND: Brassica – Time Tunnel (The Sphnix Edit)

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 10.03.06 AM.png

IS: Feelmybicep YouTube

Brassica and The Sphnix   takes you back to a simpler time in dance music (audio)

The Feel My Bicep label has always impressed me in the way that they seemingly effortlessly make old-school sounding music sound new again. Case in point: this Sphnix edit sounds like it’s heart was left somewhere back in the world 90’s dance music, yet somehow it doesn’t feel old either. The sounds are decidedly retro for sure, giving off the feel of an hoover synth that was so common in rave and jungle music back then. And then there’s constant use of those 808 and 909 drums, but here they’re programmed to perfection. I think what really makes this track stand out is it’s perpetually shifting moods while still using the same melody. The melody and bass line don’t really change (or that could just be my imagination) but rather get filtered in and out of the track, allowing one element to become the track’s focal point before being faded out again. It’s a simple technique and it works really well, keeping your interest the duration of this 8 minute track. It helps that it grooves pretty hard too, so this track comes highly recommended (if that wasn’t inherently obvious). Make sure to grab your copy on your format of choice here.

Also check out the original, if you prefer a more down beat, mid-tempo vibe!



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