WORTH A WATCH/PLAYING FAVORITES: The Legend of Arthur Verocai Mini-Documentary & Album Stream

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IS: The Vinyl Factory YouTube

Take a quick look into one of the most sought after Brazilian records of all time, reissued this year by Mr. Bongo (video/audio)



Personally, I think I needed to take a little break from all the hip-hop, house, electronic music that I’ve been posting as of late. And thankfully, The Vinyl Factory has given me a chance to talk about not only one of my favorite purchases of this year, but also one of my long-sought after records, the Arthur Verocai self-titled album (which was reissued via Mr. Bongo). In the mini-doc., Egon of Now-Again Records and David Buttle of Mr. Bongo talk in brief about who Verocai is, the rarity of his only solo album, the importance of reissuing it (which by the way, this is the third time this album has been reissued. The second was on Light In The Attic I believe).

But rare records do not make for a great music necessarily. Thankfully, Arthur Verocai is a skilled composer and managed to not only mix so many sounds, be it jazz, funk, soul, and samba, but also include many ahead of their time effects such as synthesizers and phasers. Needless to say, it’s a wholly unique record that absolutely doesn’t sound like it was made in 1973, and at the same time, sounds like it was made in 1973.

If you’d like to learn more about this album, go over to Mr. Bongo’s website here, and make sure to grab a copy for yourself.

Thanks again to The Vinyl Factory for posting this. Check out their website for more excellent content as well!


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